Doradztwo gospodarcze odszkodowań

Sometimes an objective view on your company from the outside allows you to see what the owners and management do not see. You can count on us.
  • The restructuring of the company are the rapid changes in the assets, liabilities or business organization. The aim of restructuring is to create conditions to increase corporate value.
  • Remedial restructuring consists in introducing changes that are to fix the company in order to stabilise its operation and make a profit. This is the hardest kind of restructuring to achieve.
  • The developmental restructuring is the most natural consequence of the remedial restructuring. The management completing the remedial restructuring proceeds to make decisions aimed at further development.
  • We will help you diagnose the problem, define the purpose and the best way it should be pursued.

We guarantee full discretion and confidentiality of discussions and activities.

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