Doradztwo gospodarcze odszkodowań

You do not need to know everything about the companies to start business. You can always count on us.
You start your own business or company
  • We will advise you which form of business will be most suitable for implementing your business ideas.
  • We will advise you which form of taxation would be best for you.
  • We will explain the difference between the forms of business, what are their advantages and disadvantages.
  • We will explain the difference between different types of taxation.
  • We will advise you what documents to prepare and how to proceed not to make errors and negligence at the beginning.
  • Together we will prepare an objective business plan for your undertaking.
  • We will prepare for you all the documents necessary to start a business (notarial deed, articles of association, business registration, NIP - tax identification number, REGON number, etc.).

We guarantee full discretion and confidentiality of discussions and activities.

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