Kancelaria odszkodowań

Principle of operation of insurance companies is to pay as small as possible part of compensation. Let us to claim undervalued payments compensation on your behalf.
Important Issues

Collect all documents related to the damage occurred, and in particular:
  • documents reflecting the costs related to repairing a vehicle, its towing from the scene of an accident, its supervision and protection, police protocols and notes,
  • documents reflecting the cost of treatment, bills for medicines and medical treatment, bills related to incurred transportation costs, evidence of charges incurred in connection with the accident,
  • medical certificates, documents issued by health care facilities, opinions, judgments, discharges from hospitals and sanatorium, documentation from rehabilitation centres,
  • copy all documents related to the damage occurred, if possible do not return the original documents,
  • collect documents showing the amount of income derived before the event and collect all confirmations of losses incurred in connection with the accident, for example contracts that could not be performed due to the accident,
  • gather data on witnesses to the accident.

The principle of operation of the institutions responsible for payment of compensation is to minimize the benefits paid. Let yourself be represented by people who have extensive knowledge about any of the benefits you are entitled to. Insurance Companies employ many lawyers whose aim is to act to their advantage.

Very often the agreement signed with the Insurance Company prevents claiming full compensation. If the settlement you signed was unfavourable for you, we can verify it and see if it is possible to claim the full compensation.

Remember that the representatives of insurance agencies operate solely for the benefit of the Insurance Company. Do not sign documents you do not understand and do not trust the insurance company employee explanations! In case of any doubt, contact us. We provide professional service and guarantee that your interests are properly represented. You can file your claim within 3 years, but there are cases where it is possible to obtain compensation after the lapse of a longer period.

To get a clear picture of your situation, consult it with us.

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