Kancelaria odszkodowań

We represent people who are seeking compensation arising from each type of insurance. Our due is to protect our client's rights.
The procedures of work

We advise on how to document incurred losses and items lost due to the event so that the compensation received included all benefits stipulated under current law. We represent the injured party before the Insurance Company or other entities responsible for compensation payment. In the absence of amicable claim settlement, our lawyers will conduct the case in Court on behalf of the injured party.

On your behalf we will obtain compensation for:
  • traffic accidents, accidents at work or on vacation,
  • theft or damage to your property,
  • theft or damage to the vehicle,
  • events such as fire, hurricane, flood, water logging, vandalism,
  • funeral expenses or proper benefits following the death,
  • medical errors, medical malpractice,
  • negligence of a Medical Facility causing effects such as hospital infection.

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