Kancelaria odszkodowań

We engage in accidents, which took place in last 3 or even 10 years
Our clients

In many cases insurance companies pay a small proportion of the compensation. They underestimate calculations and rates. We will report damage on your behalf, carry out the claim settlement process and prepare an estimate of repair costs. We will claim undervalued payments compensation on your behalf. We will claim repayment of the costs of repair, medical treatment, lost wages, pension and other compensation as a result of the damage.

We represent people who are seeking compensation or other benefits arising from each type of insurance contract. We help people who want to lodge their claim or whom the insurance company refused to pay compensation.

The injured party claims are subject to limitation after 3 years, and in some cases only after 10. If you cannot come to us, contact us and we will come to you.

Article 415 of the Civil Code - A person is liable to compensate for the damage caused to another person due to his/her own fault.

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